~Welcome to the Manifest School~


For us, our vision of the Manifest school was to encourage and nurture people on their paths. For those who feel the first sparks of excitement as they learn about spirituality, or for those whose paths are well trodden.

Manifest is a place to expand the mind and inspire the soul.

We're a team of Spiritual practitioners that come from different paths and offer different teachings. Brought together by a love of spirituality and community, we opened a brick and mortar store in Cambridgeshire. We started to sell spiritual tools, create our own products and began to teach workshops and classes.

We've now brought our knowledge to the internet, so people further afield can learn and grow and have a greater sense of community. We're tech-savvy witches who truly delight in watching others grow spiritually- whether it's on Instagram, through one of our course chatgroups or through Facebook!

We approach all of our teachings with excitement, joy, knowledge and good dose of humour!


Raven originally hails from LA, and has trained in a variety of different spiritual paths. For over 16 years she's been a dedicated practitioner of the Anderson Feri Tradition and Initiate. She is committed to the work of self possession and helping others step into their own power through coaching and teaching. Raven swoons at the sight of a good Tarot deck- she's been reading cards for decades- and has recently developed an interest in Lenormand cards to add to her repertoire. The only thing she loves as much as her cards is her loveable fluffball of a Cockatoo.


Tarn is from the UK, and has trained in a coven in both Traditional Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft. Although she has a wide variety of interests, she now specialises in Traditional Witchcraft and religious worship during animistic to early polytheistic eras. She has a love for devotional craft, sigils and magic. Don't get her started on a subject, because she will joyously talk about it for hours. And hours. Her personal library is probably as big as some public ones.


Lynnaya is also from the US, and has worked with lots of different spiritual groups in the past. She currently is on a druidic path, but is always interested in others- especially when something fun or interesting comes up! She is known in Manifest as 'The tree lady', as her esoteric knowledge and love of trees knows no bounds. As does her love of collecting twigs and tree pieces- when somebody needs a piece of tree we always know who to call!